LETS TALK :To subscribe dial *905# and to enquire your balance dial *905#. This service gives Gamcel customers the opportunity to communicate for five days for free within the Gamcel Network . It cost only D25 form your main account and valid for 5 days.

TEXT MA: To subscribe dial *903#  This service gives  Gamcel customers the opportunity to send text messages for four days from one Gamcel line to another for free. To activate this service will take only D4 from your main account and will expire if not use for four days .

CALL ME BACK: Run out of credit, need to make a call. No need to stress Gamcel has the call me back service. Use your Yaay Borom menu or dial *179*DESTINATION NUMBER*1# to send a SMS to person you want to call.

REFILL MY ACCOUNTOut of credit, use your Yaay Borom menu or dial *179*DESTINATON NUMBER*00000# to send a SMS to a loved one to refill your account.

CREDIT TRANSFER:  Dial *173*DESTINATION NUMBER*AMOUNT*PIN CODE# or use your Yaay Borom menu to transfer credit to friends and family. D1 per transfer

KAKATARR RATE PLAN: (Post-paid/Prepaid Convergence) If you have post-paid and have exhausted your monthly credit, this service allows you to load credit as a prepaid customer until your monthly credit is restored.

 CONFERENCE CALL: Gamcel customers within different physical locations can call each other and have a group conversation up to 5 people at the same time with the use of the call conference service.

KAFO (C.U.G): Closed User Group (CUG) is a popular service offer to small to large institutions in the Gambia. The CUG service enables employees of the same institutions to call each other all day every day for a low monthly fee. The KAFO service starts from as low as D100.