About us

Gamcel was established in the year 2000 as a wholly owned subsidiary of Gambia Telecommunications Company. It was incorporated as Gambia Cellular Company Limited under the companies Act of 1955 to deliver mobile telecommunications services to the Gambian market. Being an indigenous company, the company uses the trade mark phrase ‘yaay borom’ which means ‘our own’, as it corporate logo.  Gamcel is the pioneer operator in Gambia’s mobile telecommunications market and thus provides direct employment to more four hundred Gambians.

. This is indeed the basis for Gamcel’s value chain reconfiguration.

Gamcel delivers its services in two segments: the prepaid and the postpaid services. However, more than ninety percent of the company’s customers subscribe for the prepaid service. The postpaid service is a premium service that targets corporate customers and other high profile individual consumers. In addition to these two services, Gamcel enhances its service experience through the provision of value added services to enhance memorable user experience.